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Million Air – Reroofing an existing Ballasted Single Ply Roof

Million Air 6Client

Million Air – Albany International Airport
Albany, NY

Existing Roof

8,000 SF Ballasted EPDM Roof System


The existing EPDM roofing system was incurring increased leaks due to membrane shrinkage, loss of seam integrity and damage from sharp, fractured stone ballast.


Mechanically attached PVC Heat-Welded Single-Ply Roof System.


Concerned about the increased frequency of leaks, management opted to reroof before it became necessary to totally remove the existing roof system.  Core samples were taken to confirm the condition and composition of all materials.  Based on the condition of the insulation and given that
the underlying metal deck was sound, a decision was made to recover the roof.  This allowed the owner to recoup the value of the existing insulation, while sparing the additional cost and potential disruption of a total tear-off.

After removal of all stone ballast, the EPDM membrane was slit around perimeters, around all rooftop units and on a grid pattern throughout the field of the roof.  One inch of additional polyisocyanurate insulation was installed, providing the total R-Value desired and an acceptable substrate for the new membrane.  A 48 mil, white, scrim-reinforced PVC membrane was then mechanically fastened to the underlying steel deck, and all seams were hot air welded.  Other elements of the project included installing a new attractive two-piece metal fascia system, and protective walk pads, heat-welded to the new membrane for heavily trafficked areas.


The new lightweight, non-ballasted ENERGY STAR® rated system is now much easier to inspect and maintain, while providing the added protection of heat-welded seams, all backed by a full-system non pro-rated warranty.

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