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Roofing Evaluation

Reroofing by its nature is far more complex than new construction of a commercial or industrial roof.  Recognizing this, we provide our customers with the in-depth analysis and knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions.

Detailed commercial roofing surveys are conducted employing visual observations, digital imaging and physical sampling, providing data related to:

  • Cause and source of roof leaks.
  • Make-up and condition of existing materials.
  • Insulation values and potential energy-savings.
  • Roof drainage assessment.
  • Analysis of flashing details.
  • Moisture vapor concerns.
  • Building code, environmental and insurance considerations.
  • Analysis of repair, recover or total roof replacement options.
  • Roofing system selection and design.
  • Budgetary estimates for options provided.

Roofing Installation

Infrared & Nuclear Moisture Surveys

Roof survey – core sampling